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Your Home Sold Guaranteed or We'll Buy It.

We sell 48% more homes than any other average real estate agent in the area. Our homes sell for an average of 7.3% higher than list price and in 14.2% less time than average.

The Seven Seller Satisfaction Guarantees:


You will be kept posted on the progress of the sale of your home with an update every week. Your phone calls will be returned by a qualified Team Member within 24 hours. GUARANTEE: If we fail to up date you weekly or fail to return your call within 24 hours, we will give you $500.


Guarantee #1 is a good example. We are not going to wildly promise you the moon and stars to get your business. We will tell you what we can and will do, exactly how we operate, as well as what we will not do, up front, in clear language. When we list your home, we will give you a detailed Professional Service Agreement in writing. GUARANTEE: if at any time, we fail to honor that agreement, we will give you $500.


We get you top dollar. Our track record and statistics prove it. But we will never play the ‘bait n switch' game of promising to get you a wholly unrealistic price just to get your listing, then wearing you down with low ball offers. Unfortunately, this does go on in our business. GUARANTEE: for every $5,000 we sell your home for, below the agreed upon range, we will give you $500.00 (up to a maximum of $2,000). We will also buy your home for a pre-agreed price at any time you like*.


We implement a complete marketing program, to sell your home. You know in advance what will occur step by step, and will receive weekly marketing updates. And we set a "target range" for the timing of the successful sale of your home. In many cases, we will sell your home faster. GUARANTEE: If we fail to sell your home within 29 days we will give you a $100.00 for each week after that (up to a maximum of $2,000). We will also buy your home for a pre-agreed price at any time you like*.


Everything stated about the Team throughout these materials is summarized in our "FACTS" brochure. This is an accurate, factual representation, fully supported by documentation, provided on request. GUARANTEE: If anyone can demonstrate that any of these statements or statistics summarized in the "FACTS" brochure is false, Sharad Gupta will donate $500.00 to the charity of their choice.


Our marketing systems and consumer programs automatically sift and sort out the best qualified prospects for your home. We will not ask you to leave your home and allow us to show it to any Buyer unless they have been pre-qualified to buy your home and are genuinely interested in your homes features. We will not just give lip service to "Only Qualified Buyers Need Apply" for your home. GUARANTEE: If your home fails to close on time due to a Buyer "financially not qualifying", we will give you $500.00.

7. CANCELLATION GUARANTEE: Entering into a Listing agreement with a real estate agent can be a risky business. Every sales representative will lock you into long-term commitments and lengthy broker protection periods, while promising the world when it comes to effectively marketing your home. But many fail to back that up with solid performance. When we list your home we will include a cancellation guarantee. GUARANTEE: We guarantee you the right to cancel your listing agreement at any time prior to receiving an offer to purchase your home, with no penalties or obligations, if you feel our service doesn't live up to our promises.

No other Real Estate Agent or Team will do more to sell your home for the most amount of money, in the shortest period of time and with the least hassles for you. Call 408-763-8131 and start your packing.

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