How to stay rent-free in the Bay Area

Dated: October 21 2021

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While many people dream of living rent-free, only some work towards making things happen. Try these tips now to live rent-free in Bay Area.

Planning to shift to Bay Area but do not have enough resources to pay the rent? Rent for housing in Bay Area is usually expensive. This is because many people are looking for homes and apartments in which they can move easily. The Bay Area is known to be one of the most expensive rental markets in the country as rent continues to grow at an alarming rate.

In such a situation, it is natural to wonder if staying rent-free is an option or not. It can be very appealing to live rent-free as it allows one to manage the other expenses without worrying about them.

Listed below are a few helpful tips to stay rent-free in the Bay Area.

1. List with an Airbnb

Many people opt to live in Airbnb because they are much more convenient and cheaper than hotels. Airbnb accommodations are popular in Bay Area, with more than 7800 listings in San Francisco only. By renting out extra rooms in an apartment or house through Air BnB, there will be an easy in covering the monthly rent payment.


There are many people who rent out their rooms as a full-time job and are able to earn enough to cover all of their expenses. When listing on an Airbnb for the first time, keep a few things in mind. Ensure the guests are completely comfortable during their day, do not need anything, and don’t forget to hire some security.

2. Look for a roommate

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According to sources, almost 40% of adults live with roommates as the rent in Bay Area is too high to be affordable for everyone. In case of availability of some extra empty rooms in a new apartment or house, what could be better than renting them out?

This is a great way to earn enough cash each month to cover the rent expenses without worrying about them. Also, if there are more than 2 to 3 bedrooms in the house, they can generate even more money for future expenses or big purchases.

3. House sit for other people

House sitting refers to living and looking after a home when the owners are not available. They could be away on a work trip or vacation. In this situation, people don’t want to leave their house unattended; getting to live there while looking after their property and belongings (such as watering the plants) can help in staying rent-free.

Long-term accommodations are also available, such as people who return to their house once a year because they work abroad. Start by making relevant searches for Bay Area and find vacant houses available for house sitting.

4. Live with parents

Most people do not want to live with their parents again after they have grown up and become independent. However, living with parents is a favorable way to stay rent-free. It is also a great way to re-connect with the parents after living away for some years.

In return, help your parents with basic chores such as doing groceries on the weekends, paying bills on time, and helping out with dinner. Once enough money is saved, there’s always an option to move out for other living alternatives.

5. Take up the job of a live-in nanny or caretaker

Becoming a live-in nanny or a caretaker can be the easiest way to skip rent. A pair of hands that can handle children well can provide rent-free accommodation, especially for parents who work full-time and are in need of a full-time caretaker for their kids.

Nannies in San Francisco make $37,126 on average in a year. By working as a live-in nanny or caretaker, one can have a place to live and eat while earning some extra amount for taking care of the family. This can also help build up a profile for future jobs.

6. Manage an Airbnb property

Many people who live in different cities or abroad list their properties on an Airbnb website so they can earn a constant income from their vacant houses. With easy chores of bookings, looking after guests, and managing the place, one can easily become an Airbnb manager. The employers also provide property managers with a room to stay rent-free. All it requires is to manage the staff and supervise their work.

7. Move-in with a relative

Having relatives that can offer a rent-free living space in Bay Area can be a blessing. In return, help them out around the house, do some chores for them, or teach their kids over the weekend – whatever arrangement works for both parties can be decided mutually.

8. Work at a hotel

Is living with parents, siblings, or relatives impossible because none of them reside in the Bay Area? No worries, there’s another solution. How about taking up a job at a hotel as a manager which provides accommodation in return? With over 2081 hotels in Bay Area, it won’t be an issue getting a job at one of the hotels.

Before shifting to Bay Area, call multiple hotels and inquire if they have any vacancies for a manager. This will help speed up the job process and may also score a job interview.

Getting a job as a hotel manager might be tricky, but with a relevant degree or work experience, this idea is worth giving a shot.

While many people dream of living rent-free, only some work towards making things happen. Try these tips now to live rent-free in Bay Area.

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